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Appointment Protocols

We wanted to take the time to reiterate our new appointment protocols and office practices we have implemented to ensure your safety and the safety of our team as we reopen.

Prior to your appointment your will receive a pre-appointment questionnaire to complete via a link sent to your text-line.

We request that you take your temperature the day before and if you have a temperature or are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms mentioned in the document, call us the day before to reschedule. There is a natural pent-up demand for our services, and we want to accommodate everyone. That is much easier to do if we know ahead of time, and can call someone who is waiting to fill in your appointment time the day before. We will also ask you upon scheduling your visit or re-confirming to give us a credit card that we can keep on file and charge prior / during to your visits. This will enable us to do as much “touch-less” dentistry possible. That is our aim at this time to minimize points of contacts, and keep the business of dentistry seamless.

We will also be asking you to arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment and then call or text the office that you are here and waiting in your car.

Then someone on our team will come out and finish the pre-screening check-in complete with a forehead temperature scan. We request you wear your own mask into our office and bring in your own glasses or sunglasses (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – WE DO EXPECT EVERYONE to bring their own mask/glasses) consistent with Governor Lamont’s statewide mandate. We are eliminating the use of our reception area, as much a humanly possible, to maintain social distancing requirements.

Prior to any dental treatments, we are asking that when you come into the office, you go to the restroom, wash your hands for 20 sec, brush your teeth for a minute, and wipe down your phone. When you are in the treatment room, we will then be asking you to rinse with an antiviral mouthwash we will provide. This has been shown to prevent transmission of the coronavirus from you to us.

Further, at this time, to continue the minimization of aerosols, we have decided to temporarily halt the use of our dental power washing system (electronic scaling called the Cavitron) and tooth polishing (dental prophy) for cleanings to minimize and eliminate aerosols, particularly for our hygienists. We will continue to be thorough with a customized hand-scaling/teeth cleaning, we will give you dental cleaning paste for your use, and will empower you with the dental hygiene products we recommend to maintain the health of your teeth between visits with us. While we realize this temporary change may be difficult for some, we assure you that this is being implemented for everyone’s safety and you will still get a good and thorough cleaning.

We will be offering more appointment options for your safety. Early morning appointments (8-9AM) will be available for people over 60 years old. We ask that families schedule appointments on the same day as a block of time. When we schedule you, we ask that you do all your dentistry in one visits much as possible.

We will also now be offering virtual, Zoom-like consultations for new patients; periodic and emergency exams; and follow-up/post-operative visits.

This is a new service: Teledentistry, designed to minimize time in the office and allow us both to be more informed and safer, practicing “touch-less dentistry.” We understand that the more we both know prior to you coming into the office, the better and more efficient your care will be. Teledentistry adds another platform for us to make this happen for you.

As you may be aware, there has been a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) globally due to the pandemic. We have had to wait much longer than normal to receive PPE, costs have increased greatly and in most cases, we are only able to order a certain amount, given the national/global demand. Virtual appointments where possible will help us reduce the need for our staff to have to change PPE as frequently throughout the day and will save you an unnecessary visit in the office. Further due to the very real and rapidly escalating costs of PPE, we will be charging an additional $19 PPE fee per visit. This is becoming a new national norm, as it is also a procedural fee covered by some insurance companies.

Lastly, we recommend that if you have uncontrolled heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes and/or obesity that you only see us for emergency dental care and postpone elective procedures until your medical conditions are stable. This is your safest action; and we want you safe and healthy!

We realize that all of this may seem like a lot. It is! And it represents change, something that we are all confronted by in this new world of ours. We promise that, inclusive of all the above, you will be well cared for and loved every moment you are with us. Please allow yourself to feel safe and protected knowing we are following the CDC/ADA/CSDA guidelines to ensure your and our team’s safety.

We assure you that we will continue to be the fun loving, intimate office we have always been.

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