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NEW HAVEN CT New England's Premier
Smile Design Studio
STATE OF THE ART DENTISTRY Digital smile design

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We combine the human, emotional and artistic aspects of smile
creation with state-of-the-art digital technology. After all, what is more
important than a healthy, natural, confident and beautiful smile?

Digital Design Smile


CREATE THE NEW YOU Redefine yourself

You have always wanted that beautiful smile. You deserve that smile. It is a gift for the rest of your life.

Transforming lives Smile gallery

People look at smiles before they look at eyes. Your smile says volumes
before you ever say a word. Can you imagine the advantage a
naturally expressive smile gives you in your life?

Restore your smile Smile for a lifetime

Do you know you can keep your teeth for your lifetime? Make an investment in yourself that pays big dividends in your career, your life and your love.


"I came in for a consultation and wanted a more symmetrical smile. Dr. Lerch
suggested Invisalign and two veneers instead. I could not have imagined a
more beautiful, natural looking final result. I now have the smile I have always
wanted! Thank you Dr. Lerch" - Brianna

Take your smile back The younger you

Nothing can turn back the hands of time more than a beautiful smile. Sexy. Self-Confident. Centered.
Meet your new Self.

Holistic Dental care More than dentistry

We love what we do because we make a real difference in people’s live, and that is priceless. We look forward to meeting you.

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