Dental Crowns

A damaged tooth can make biting and chewing painful. However, a filling, inlay, or onlay may not be enough to fix the problem.

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that protect compromised teeth and can also be used with dental implants to replace lost teeth.

Learn why patients in New Haven, CT, come to the Center for Esthetic Dentistry for natural-looking, long-lasting crowns.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a protective cap that is placed onto a tooth. The cap prevents further harm to a tooth while restoring its strength, function, and appearance.

Crowns can also be attached to dental implants in order to replace a lost tooth.

New Haven patients in need of crowns can choose from high-quality materials like zirconia and IPS e.max®. Dr. N. Summer Lerch uses tooth-colored materials that resemble the patient's natural teeth. Thanks to crowns, you'll be able to smile with renewed confidence and restored dental health.

Beautiful Crowns Are Our Secret To Restoring Your Smile

Gloved hand holding dental model to demonstrate crown placement
Our porcelain crowns are carefully crafted to resemble your natural teeth. As the first board-accredited female cosmetic dentist in New England, Dr. Lerch takes great care to ensure the finished dental restoration blends in seamlessly. For beautiful and strong crowns that capture a tooth's natural beauty, she creates crowns using beautiful pearlescent zirconia and IPS e.max®, which have superior aesthetics.

Over 1/4 of Americans May Have the Same Dental Condition as You

Prevent Further Problems With a Dental Crown

Dental crowns don't just provide you with a lovely smile. They can also prevent more severe dental problems down the line.

If you're one of the 26% of Americans with untreated tooth decay, now is the best time to act. You can save yourself from pain, root canals, and even more expensive treatments by dealing with dental issues as soon as possible. And if you feel like your dentist will judge you, don't stress. We only want to see you happy and healthy!

A damaged, decayed, or missing tooth can be painful, but you don't have to live with this discomfort. If you need a porcelain crown, rely on the Center for Esthetic Dentistry in New Haven. To get started, contact our office or call:


Dr. Lerch educating a dental patient
You're in good hands at the Center for Esthetic Dentistry. Your dentist, Dr. Lerch, will use high-tech iTero imaging to create a precise impression of your tooth and design your custom porcelain crown.

Helping New Haven Patients Find Stunning Smiles


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They are the best!! The entire process was super simple and I came out with my dream smile. Can’t recommend them enough!

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Awesome so far. Dr. Lerch is the best. She gave me the smile I always wanted! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Why Choose the Center for Esthetic Dentistry For Your Dental Crown?

Like many other dental crowns patients in New Haven, you have a decision to make. When it comes to your treatment, you should choose a team that puts you first — a team like ours. We prioritize patients with:

One-Stop Dentistry

We offer a wide range of dental treatments beyond crowns. Whether you need other restorative treatments like bridges, want to find a team you can trust for cleanings too, or are ready to refine the appearance of your smile, we're here to assist.

Friendly Service

We love our New Haven patients and their teeth, and we pride ourselves on friendly care. It's our privilege to work with you to find a solution for your smile needs.

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology allows us to accurately treat and diagnose our patients, as well as plan their best smile. For example, we use an iTero scanner to gather digital impressions of your teeth and gums, which will be used to craft your crown. 

Award-Winning Care

Dr. Lerch has been recognized by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the New England Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Combined with her more than 40 years of experience, these accomplishments help her better serve New Haven crown patients.

Get to Know Why New Haven Patients Choose Us

From cracked teeth to root canal infections, trouble with a tooth can be painful and overwhelming, but you're not alone anymore. At the Center for Esthetic Dentistry in New Haven, we aim to make it as easy as possible for patients to trust our team for their treatment. That way, you can put your health, your confidence, and yourself first — the way it should be.

Find Out if Crowns Are Right for You Contact the Center for Esthetic Dentistry

Dr. Nancy Lerch

Dental crowns may be what you need to experience better oral health. If you have fractured teeth or suffer from a persistent toothache, we encourage you to visit the Center for Esthetic Dentistry. Our team can then explain porcelain restorations, dental bridges, and dental implants in more detail.

Dr. Lerch was the first board-accredited female cosmetic dentist in all of New England. She's committed to patient care and comfort, with an emphasis on aesthetics.

To request a consultation, fill out our online form. You can also reach our office in New Haven, CT, by phone.

Call Our Dental Office: (203) 624-5256

What Factors Influence the Cost of Crowns?

Crown costs vary and largely depend on the type of tooth a crown is protecting as well as the material you choose. The total price of your care might also include preparatory treatments like gum contouring. After all, your smile is unique, and it deserves an equally unique solution. If you're curious about what your crown may cost, the best thing to do is visit our compassionate team for a consultation.

Does Dental Insurance
Fully Cover Crowns?

If you have dental insurance, it will likely cover at least a portion of the cost of your crown if it is needed for health reasons like tooth trauma or deep decay. Our knowledgeable team will work with you and your insurer to make sure you maximize your benefits. In addition to dental insurance, we accept cash and most major credit cards, so you can supplement what your plan pays.

High-Quality Craftsmanship Creates Beautiful, Natural-Looking Crowns

Lab tech making dental crown more realistic

As our patient, you can expect beautiful and natural-looking results whether you're getting dental crowns for your front teeth or your molars.

How? Our New Haven dental office works with a lab based in Salt Lake City, UT. We love the restorations they make and feel their work merges the function of restorative dentistry with the aesthetics of cosmetic dentistry. The finished results are strong and natural-looking.

Different types of materials can be used to create a custom crown, including standard porcelain and premium materials such as zirconia and IPS e.max®.

Let This Stunning Smile Convince You to Consider Durable, Natural-Looking Dental Crowns

Dr. N. Summer Lerch's Patient Before Dental Crowns
Before Dental Crowns
Dr. N. Summer Lerch's Patient After Dental Crowns
After Dental Crowns
Porcelain dental crowns typically cover implants or your decayed or broken natural tooth. They can blend in seamlessly, giving you a gorgeous and uniform smile. If you're ready to transform your teeth, visit us in New Haven, CT.

Feeling Nervous? Our Happy New Haven Patients Will Put You at Ease


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The professionals definitely care about your teeth and want you to feel confident and comfortable with your smile.

Scheduling appointments and services was very fast and easy, and everyone is welcoming.

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This was my first time visiting Dr. Lerch. From the time I walked in I knew I was going to have a great experience. I became so emotional because of the care I received. Dr. Lerch and her team are like momma bears protecting their cubs. I felt safe, I didnt feel judged or embarrassed. What an amazing job she did! This experience was such a blessing. I will NEVER visit another dentist. I'm here to stay.... Thank you Dr. Lerch and team.

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What Will Happen During the Dental Crown Procedure?

We work with a trusted dental lab in Utah that we are confident produces superior results.
We work with a trusted dental lab in Utah that we are confident produces superior results.


During your initial visit, Dr. Lerch will examine your teeth and discuss your concerns. She can review your treatment options, and even discuss different crown materials with you. Whether you pick porcelain or a different option, we want you to feel confident and informed about your decision.

Prepping the Tooth

Our dentist will delicately remove tissue from the compromised tooth. She will work carefully so that you retain as much dental tissue as possible.

Taking Impressions

Digital impressions are taken of the prepped tooth. We use the iTero® digital scanner, which produces high-resolution 3D scans. These digital impressions are then sent to our trusted dental lab.

Custom Fabrication

Skilled lab technicians work on the permanent crown. The technicians take great care to ensure the finished restoration looks and feels like a natural tooth.

Temporary Crown

To protect your tooth, we'll place a temporary crown. That way, we can protect your smile against sensitivity and maintain your appearance over the next three weeks as you wait for the lab to craft your stunning new crown.

Placing the Finished Crown

After removing the temporary crown, our dentist will secure the permanent crown in place. Adjustments can be made as needed to ensure comfort.

Does Dental Crown
Placement Hurt?


No. Before your tooth is prepped, your dentist will numb the area to ensure you are completely at ease during treatment. If at any point you feel any discomfort, let your dentist know so she can address the issue promptly. We want you to leave our office happy and be as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment. 

We Love Our Patients and Their Teeth Contact Our New Haven Dental Practice for Your Consultation

At the Center for Esthetic Dentistry, we are passionate about teeth and our patients. We pride ourselves on changing lives and transforming smiles. With a broad range of available treatments, we can care for all your dental needs right here at our New Haven, CT, office.

A missing, damaged, or decayed tooth can leave you with reduced oral function, which can impact your ability to eat and speak properly. Our beautiful, natural-looking crowns may be the solution you need. Whether it is a traditional crown or an implant-supported crown, we can transform your smile and improve your quality of life.

Request a consultation using our form or call us at:

(203) 624-5256

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How We Earn Your Trust And Improve Your Confidence

"I have been seeing Dr. Lerch for more than 25 years. She is a superb dentist with a terrific staff...Her equipment is state-if-the-art...
The entire staff is very proficient and professional. Love the team.

If you love your teeth, Dr. Lerch will keep the love affair alive. If you hate them, she will find a way for you to love them. Not bad, eh?"
Gayle P.

How Long Do Crowns Last? 10 to 15 Years


With proper care, crowns are a long-lasting dental solution. On average, a custom-made all-ceramic dental crown can last 10-15 years. You can extend the lifespan of your dental work with proper aftercare.

FAQs About Dental Crowns

Problems with your teeth can seem isolating, but you're far from alone. To help potential New Haven crown patients feel informed and confident, we've answered a few common questions about crown options, treatment, and our approach to care.

Q. Why don't you offer same-day crowns?

A. While same-day crowns from in-office labs sound convenient, there's a major drawback: aesthetics. As an AACD board-accredited cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lerch believes in taking the time to create the most lifelike crowns possible. That's why she works with a trusted off-site lab to create custom, natural-looking restorations.

Q. How long will I need to wear a temporary crown?

A. It will take about three weeks for your new crown to be crafted. Don't want to wait? It can help to look at this time as a long-term investment in the appearance of your smile. Just three weeks of wearing a temporary crown can mean more lifelike results for years to come.

Q. Can I just wait out my symptoms?

A. While that can be tempting, the truth is, problems like cavities and root canal infections will not just go away on their own. If anything, they can get worse — and more painful. By visiting Dr. Lerch as soon as possible, you can prevent tooth loss and further damage. Not to mention, earlier care tends to be more affordable.

Q. How do dental implant-supported crowns work?

A. If you're missing a tooth, the best solution for your health is an implant, or post, which secures an abutment and crown. First, we will coordinate your surgical implant placement with a trusted local specialist. After the area heals and the implant fuses with the jawbone, we can place your crown.

Did we miss your question?

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I love Dr Lerch and her team. They are all very professional and kind. Dr Lerch and Sheri are amazing at making beautiful smiles. I’ve have been coming here for several years and am always very pleased with the results!! I am so happy and grateful to have found them!

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A great office! Everyone is extremely friendly and very transparent about what they’re working on throughout the appointment. They also fixed a bond from a previous dental experience that had been incorrectly colored and it looks great!

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Center for Esthetic Dentistry
Nancy Summer Lerch, DDS, FAGD, AAACD

Dr. N. Summer Lerch is the first female board-accredited cosmetic dentist in all of New England and the fourth in the world. She and her team are committed to creating and maintaining beautiful smiles for our patients. Dr. Lerch is proud to be affiliated with:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (Accredited)
  • Connecticut State Dental Association
  • New Haven Association
  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of Clear Aligners

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your specific smile needs. Please request an appointment by contacting us online or by calling (203) 624-5256. We look forward to meeting you

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