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Proof Is Here: Bright, Healthy Smiles Make You Happier!

Dental FearsOK – we have a new one for you.  You know that visit to the dental office, the one you put off, the one that has a low grade PIA factor, the one where you would MUCH rather be at the Zoo eating ice cream while making eyes at the chimps?  Yes that one…research now shows that all those regular visits to the dentist CAN actually make you happier! And from the inside out!

Recently,  more that 10,000 American participated in a health study where researchers found a link between poor dental health and depression.  In fact, the more dental problems a person reported, the more severe their depression.  Further 61 percent of the participants in the study who reported being depressed also described having an “aching mouth” in the previous year. And when asked about the condition of their teeth, 57 percent of those depressed said that their teeth were in fair or poor condition.

What does this all mean?  There appears to be a strong link between oral health and depression.  Current research points to oral bacteria being the common thread.  If the researchers are right, then the treatment and management of depression could come down to regular, comprehensive cleanings in the dental office with good flossing and bushing habits during the intervening months.  And maybe even some whitening gel to boost the happiness factor!

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