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Many people think that their teeth are too crowded for Invisalign therapy.  Or they think that previous orthodontic treatment makes them ineligible for clear braces.  These factors actually do not influence the outcome of this type of orthodontic procedure.  For cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign therapy, what does matter in creating a beautiful, functional Smile Design are three main points:  healthy gums with plentiful bone; the form of your upper arch and the size of your upper right front tooth i.e. your right central incisor. 

To move teeth, you must have bone to move them into.  That bone must be healthy and plentiful.  This is important for point #2: arch form.  Underlying many cases of crowded teeth is an undesirable arch form.   Maxillary arches can be "V', "S" or "boxy" shaped.  (To determine yours, go to mirror, throw your head back and check your maxillary arch form out.)  With sufficient bone, then treatment with clear braces includes expansion of the lateral sides of your upper arch.  Your teeth now will have room to move, your smile will widen, your teeth straighten and your bite will be optimized. 

This movement produces a soft, gentle "U" shaped arch.  Every beautiful smile you see has this arch form.

The third major factor is tooth size.  While your arch form is expanding, it still might be necessary to bring your teeth into optimal size  ~  that is 9mm across.  Over 10mm is considered large and thus might not produce the desired Smile Design.  A process called IPR or inter-proximal reduction, a common orthodontic procedure, allows us to alter tooth size by tenth of millimeters.  When combined with adequate bone and proper arch form, tooth size then is the final action we take to ensure a beautiful, functional smile through Invisalign therapy

At the Center for Esthetic Dentistry, LLC in New Haven, CT we follow these guidelines in creating our award winning smiles.  Clear braces are a mainstay in our treatment recommendations and are a healthy alternative to porcelain veneers.  Within these guidelines we can safely create a positive experience for you.  Give us a call at 203-624-5256 to find the right time for your evaluation.  We look forward to meeting you!



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