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Why Choose A Board Accredited Cosmetic Dentist?

You are unique.  Like you, your fingerprints and your personality, your smile is unique.

Did you know there are no two teeth exactly alike?  No lips that are perfectly symmetrical?  No smile meets prefect symmetry?

Did you know that many, many different colors go into making your teeth’s beauty?

Did you know that you have a lot to say about how your teeth look, how they function and what rewards they give you?

Yes says a Board-Accredited dentist.  Yes they/we know all this.   After years of training, creating and delivering beautiful teeth to many people who were afraid to smile, it is true that Accreditation in cosmetic dentistry makes a difference.

Let me ask you…would you have your primary care Internist remove a mole on your check?  Or would you seek out a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to do the job?  I know who I would choose.

Now because our laws want to have you think all dentist are alike, I am hear to tell you all dentist are not alike.  Just try calling 3 different offices in your town.  You will find 3 different approaches to greeting you, to scheduling your appointment, to offering access to the dentist and to the info you get about their talent and abilities.

Well you say, this is America and we value diversity.  Yes this true.  And is diversity what you want when you smile?  No you don’t.  You want your dental work to protect, secure and enliven your life.  A restorative dentist can do some of this.  A general dentist can do some of this.  A Board-Accredited cosmetic dentist who has been enlivening lives for years will put the sparkle in your smile.  ‘Cuz we know we are not just fixing a tooth.  We are enhancing a life, transforming a future, making dreams come true.

So look for the person with cosmetic dentistry experience.  Find one who has gone through an Accreditation process.  Ask to see pictures and photos of recent smiles.  Ask the staff what’s it like to work there.  Ask the doctor to explain his/her procedures.  Find out where she or he trained. Ask them what they love most about dentistry.

Consider that anyone who has gone thru the rigorous cosmetic dentistry testing of becoming Board-Accredited is someone who loves teeth, loves people and loves bringing those two loves together.

That is what we do.  Give us a call.  We have people come in from all over the country.  We have accommodation suggestions for you and the perfect timing to meet your schedule.  Our lab is a few blocks away…a sweet walk on a sunny day.  We do FaceTime consults, computer stipulations and actual in mouth Pre-Views.

There is a way and a place for you.  Just call 203-624-5256.  Ask for Gail.  We look forward to introducing you to the real possibilities of Board-Accredited Cosmetic Dentistry for you and your life.

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