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Tooth Anatomy 101

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-1-25-58-pm1. Enamel
2. Dentin
3. Nerve
4. Gingiva
5. Bone
6. Periodontal Ligament
7. Root
8. Cementum

The CROWN is the part of the tooth that is visible above the gums. You see this.

The ROOT is the part of the tooth below the gums. You cannot see this.

Healthy roots are surrounded by the GINGIVA and the BONEGingiva or “gums” is what we want healthy and strong and clean.

Deep inside the tooth is the NERVE which is surrounded by yellow, bony DENTIN and TUBULES. A “root canal” takes the nerve out of the canal it is in, inside the root.

CEMENTUM covers the roots with a thin layer of yellow, bony material. This helps hold your tooth in the bone.

Hard, white ENAMEL covers and protects the dentin above the gums. You can whiten this for a beautiful natural smile.

The PERIODONTAL LIGAMENT surrounds the root to act as a protector and shock absorber for the tooth. Your ligament is your shock absorber, your cushion, your anchor around every tooth.

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