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The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is comprehensive oral care approach that combines art and science to optimally improve dental health, aesthetics and function.

Most people are not naturally gifted with beautifully structured and spotless teeth, but thanks to cosmetic dentistry, it is now possible to transform your smile. A great smile should improve your self-confidence, which can have a positive impact on the social and professional aspects of your life.

We have been privileged to hear of many special moments in our patients lives when they finally stopped hiding their smile for the first time.  Finding their soul mate, getting a promotion; making more money; and/or having a sense that they make a bigger difference in the lives of people around them are just a few of the results people have shared with us.

Also our patients report (national surveys tell us this is so too) they laugh more, smile more and enjoy more happiness and joy in their lives.  The fear of smile is gone and the joy of communicating and being connected explodes, general dentistry encompasses more than a beautiful smile too.  New techniques and materials are available for back teeth as well as the ones you see in your everyday smile. These include advances in stronger, whiter resin fillings, porcelain onlays, and capping as well as general oral treatments such as teeth whitening, and clear aligners, i.e.Invisalign to get your teeth in the right spot. Now your mouth can look great, get healthy, and function better all at the same time – from back to front and back again!

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