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Porcelain Bridges

Considering Restorative Dentistry

You wake up and head to the shower, eager to start your day.  You have had a relaxing weekend and are ready to head back to the office to put some of your ideas to the test.  You place the final touches on your ensemble, and begin to brush your teeth.

As you look at your smile in the mirror, you begin to notice that you really need to visit the dentist.  “It looks like now is the time that I really need to consider a dental bridge,” you say to yourself. “Time to see what can be done for this gap from missing teeth.”

This is where Nancy Summer Lerch, DDS, FAGD, AAACD can help.  Dr. Lerch is an expert at creating smiles that are not only beautiful, but also functional for her patients as well.   Through this blog, you will learn about porcelain bridges and find out what they can do to enhance your smile. To find out more, keep reading the ‘Art of Smiles’ blog!

Benefits of Porcelain Bridges

According to a cosmetic dentistry dentist dental bridges are used to bridge the gap between one or multiple missing teeth.  A bridge is created with two crowns for the teeth that are on either side of the gap.  These teeth are called abutment teeth and can be created from gold, alloys, or porcelain.  The bridges are traditional supported by natural teeth, but dental implants also allow for support.

Porcelain bridges look natural and have the similar luminosity of real teeth.  Some of their other benefits include:

  • The ability to restore a smile
  • Able to restore ability to chew and speak
  • Help to maintain the shape of the face by replacing missing teeth
  • Distribute forces of the bite properly
  • Help keep teeth from moving out of position
  • A bridge looks and functions like natural teeth
  • All-porcelain bridges do not leave a gray line around the gum line resulting in a more natural look.

Porcelain bridges can be a safe and effective option to restoring a smile and yielding beautiful results.  If you have one tooth or many teeth that are missing, do not hesitate to contact Nancy Summer Lerch, DDS, FAGD, AAACD to learn more about dental bridges and dental implants.  Dr. Lerch will explain the differences in dental materials, and help you find an option that is best suited for you.

Find Out More about Porcelain Bridges

If you would like to find out more about dental bridges, please contact our Lerch dental team for more information.  We will answer all of your questions about porcelain bridges, and help you understand all of you restorative dental options.

You deserve to have a smile that is not only beautiful but function, and makes you feel confident all of the time.  To learn how such a smile can be possible with porcelain bridges, contact Dr. Lerch’s New Haven office at 203-624-5256. Let us show you the difference a smile transformation can make on your life today.


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