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Poopies, Plaque, Decay & Dental Cavities

“Get those poopies off your teeth.”  We recently said this to a patient.  They of course were shocked, “I have poopies on my teeth, YUCK!”  Yes, it is factually true.  Some kind of crap gets on your teeth.  All the time – this is the natural state in your mouth.  And it is a natural process…

image006Let us look at ourselves.  You have to eat to stay healthy and alive.  Your body processes your meal and then sometime later, you have to eliminate what your body does not need.  It is that simple.  All organisms do this.  Keep this in mind.

In your mouth, some of that food gets left behind around your teeth, at the gumline and in between. You have natural parasites in your mouth – some good bacteria, some bad.  One of them, Streptococcus Mutans attacks and eats this leftover food.  Then after a bit of processing (just like you) they eliminate.  Yes, they poop out a nasty acid onto your teeth.  This acid dissolves the enamel layer of the tooth, decaying it, and creating a dental cavity.

It is this simple.  So the next time you think about NOT brushing your teeth, know that you are leaving poopies on your teeth and over time that can lead to holes in your teeth.

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