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Health News Article- Teeth Whitening

Article Title:  Teeth Whitening: 8 Home Remedies


Article Source:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/20/teeth-whitening-8-home-remedies-for-whiter-teeth-_n_811178.html


Article Review:

Through this health news article, a few home remedies for whiter teeth are discussed.  While some traditional tips are given, such as eating berries and citrus fruits, some newer concepts are added, and are perfect additions to try at home such as this whitening teeth blue light!

Some of these newer teeth whitening tips include:

  • Brush with Baking Soda- you can brush with baking soda twice a month to remove stains and buildup on the enamel.
  • Use a Straw- by using a straw when you drink darker beverages (such as grape juice or soda), you can avoid food dyes coming in contact with teeth all together!
  • Hydrogen Peroxide- using hydrogen peroxide on teeth is a simple way to prevent infections and also help prevent bad breath that is caused by bacteria.
  • Eat Dairy- dairy products contain lactic acid. Lactic acid can decrease gum disease and help keep your teeth at their whitest.

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