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Dentistry and Smell???

Don’t you just love walking into a home where the bread has just been pulled out of the oven; or the lasagna is bubbling hot on the stove top; or where the grass has just been cut outside?  These are all wonderful smells that bring back lovely memories for many of us.  And did you know that how you brush your teeth makes a difference in your sense of smell?

Yes it is true.    Without the sense of smell you would not get those warm fuzzy memories as noted above.  You might not be able to sense a fire in another room if you cannot smell the smoke.  Or know when the kitty litter needs to be changed.  Or even taste foods in a normal way.  Our sense of smell is very important in our daily lives.

The bacteria you keep in your mouth can affect your taste and smell.  According to an article at meschkesmiles.com, without regular dental visits, without attending to the details of your brushing, without your commitment to a healthy mouth you could be putting your sense of smell into jeopardy.  The dental bacteria grow in there.  As they build up they will affect the gums, the more copious bacteria then will infect the teeth (decay) and eventually cause gum abscesses.

The high bacterial count  now present can affect both your taste buds on your tongue and your sense of smell since these are so closely related.  The very best way to maintain a good sense of smell is exactly the best way to maintain your pearly whites…brush 2x day, floss 1x day, rinse with mouthwash or salty water 1-2x day and visit your dentist at least twice a year.  You will be glad you did!

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