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Health News Article- Whitening Your Smile

 Article Title: What You Need to Know About Tooth Whiteners

Article Source: http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/features/tooth-whiteners

Article Review:

Through this health news article, different tooth whitening methods were evaluated to see which work best for patients’ needs.  Some of the whitening methods tested included:

  • Professional Tooth Whitening- these dental products were found to be more effective than whiteners that are sold over the counter.  The concentration of peroxide is typically higher and whitening trays are created to best fit a patient’s mouth.  This customization allows for the solution to stay in contact with the teeth and not the gums.


  • Over-the-Counter Tooth Whitening- these teeth whiteners can be a good option, however they need to be used in moderation.  Following the instructions is essential and make sure that you do not use these whiteners more than recommended. With too much use, the tooth structure can be harmed.

Regardless of the whitening method that you are considering, it is important that you speak with Nancy Summer Lerch, DDS, FAGD, AAACD if you are thinking about whitening your smile.  Dr. Lerch can evaluate your smile and offer insight into which teeth whitening strategies might be right for you.  She might also advise you to use natural teeth whitening methods if you suffer from gum disease.  During a consultation, you will learn about the best ways for you to proceed.

Teeth whitening can make a dramatic difference on the look of your smile in very little time.   Contact Nancy Summer Lerch, DDS, FAGD, AAACD today to learn more!

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