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Do You Have a “Haunted” Smile?

How long has it been since you have laughed so hard that you cried?  How long has it been since you had to hold your belly because you had just completed a 20 minute laughing session?  If you haven’t enjoyed this lately, is it because you are afraid to smile?  Is it because you are not proud of your smile?  Is it because you need to visit the dentist and haven’t found the time?

If you don’t smile because you don’t like the color of your teeth, the shape of your teeth, the arrangement of your teeth, join millions of others that have finally jumped the hurdle, and can let loose with a gut busting laugh–because they are finally happy with their smile!

Smile makeovers are easy, and the sky is the limit!  Porcelain veneers do not take hardly any of the tooth away and can rebuild the smile quickly, and painlessly!  Whitening can brighten your smile in as few as 2 hours, you can be sparkling white!  Invisalign can rearrange most issues of crowding and overlap with clear braces!

Which of these options have you been thinking about and want more information on?  Feel free to post any questions, and we will be glad to answer!


Researchers have now linked bacteria from a mother’s mouth can and does transfer to the blood of the unborn fetus.  Many times, pregnant mothers avoid the dental office during pregnancy due to fear that the dental treatment can affect her unborn baby, but now it appears that the opposite is true.  By not getting the treatment that you need during pregnancy can possibly affect your unborn.

Case studies now show that if there are untreated conditions in the pregnant mother’s mouth, the harmful bacteria present can actually cross through the amniotic fluid and be ingested by the unborn baby.  In a recent study, a preterm birth of 39 weeks, 5 days that was a still-born proved that the bacteria that the mother had in her mouth was present in the unborn baby’s lungs and stomach.  The mother, unknowingly had avoided dental treatment that involved periodontal care.  After the stillborn birth, cultures were taken from the fetus and compared to the bacteria captured by the mother’s periodontist after her delivery.  The mother was frantic to find the cause of her baby’s still-born birth.  Upon evaluation, the bacteria found in the lungs and heart was the same the periodontist found in the mother’s mouth!

The wisest thing to do is if you are considering having a child; you need to have a full dental examination prior to conception.  If you need treatment, try to complete the treatment before the conception occurs, but if you find yourself already pregnant and have dental concerns—GET TREATED!

Bleeding gums, soreness present upon chewing, bad breath,  or any mouth pain needs to be checked out BEFORE pregnancy!  Please call our office should you have more questions, or need immediate attention!

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