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Congratulations Connecticut and Massachusetts

In a recent Gallup poll done in order to establish frequency of yearly dental visits of residents of the 50 states, Massachusetts and Connecticut scored at the top of the list!  Congratulations to all!  75.3% of MA residents, and 74.4% of CT residents reported that they had visited a dentist in the last year.  From the survey, it appears that Northerners may find their way to the dental office more than Southerners.  Eight of the ten top states for most visits were northern states; compared to nine of the bottom ten states for least visits were southern states.

Dental insurance does seem to play a role in residents visiting the dentist; with nearly 72% of the top ten states report that the patients were covered by insurance compared to 56% of the bottom ten states’ residents.

Poor oral care can lead to a host of negative health outcomes.  Risk factors from poor oral health include but are not limited to heart disease, stroke, artherosclerosis, some types of arthritis and diabetes.  Low weight births and premature deliveries of new borns are also associated with poor oral hygiene.

From our office to the Northern states:  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! 

Studies referenced:  Fallup-Healthways Welll-Bein Index, Jan. 2011-June 2011

We Are Very Blessed to Have Great Patients!

Testimonial from Karen T.

I was always self-conscious of my teeth, thus my smile.  Now that Dr. Lerch has worked her magic, I find I am smiling all the time.  I feel much more confident about how I look, because, I love my smile so much now!  Big thanks to Dr. Lerch and her great team!  They are very professional and caring.

Testimonial From a Satisfied Patient!

I was referred to Dr. Lerch and her team by a friend; I was born without my lateral incisors.  When I was a teenager, I had gotten dental implants and crowns put in as my lateral teeth.  A few years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and all the treatments that I had gone through caused my teeth to change appearance and my gumline to recede.  When I came to Dr. Lerch, I had a receding gumline over both of my lateral teeth exposing my metal implants,  and  my crowns didn’t look very natural at all.  I don’t think many dentists would have put in so much effort and paid so much attention to detail!  She and her staff were always very friendly!  It’s been a pleasure!

A great testimonial from a recent case that was completed!

Prior to this experience, I felt very self-conscious about my smile.  Dr. Lerch and her staff had made me feel very comfortable when talking about different options that could be done during the transformation process.  It was a very exciting experience; I truly appreciated Dr. Lerch and her staff sharing in the excitement I was feeling during each visit.  I am amazed at how great my teeth and smile look today, and am very happy with the treatment process.  I can now smile with confidence.

Written by Stephanie B.  Date of August 31, 2011

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