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Are you putting ACIDS into your mouth without knowing it?

Acidity of food and drinks can drastically affect your teeth and decay levels!  The ph scale is a scale that grades the acidity or alkalinity of foods and beverages!  According to a recent report and laboratory test by the University of Alabama, many “innocent” beverages and foods may be damaging your teeth!

Of course, the acidity of fruits stands without much thought!  Lemon juice is the most acidic of fruit juices, followed by orange juice, grapefruit, strawberry, and apple.  But have you thought about salad dressing— it may contain alot of different juices to give it the great taste that we desire!  Sodas, of course, have a high degree of acidity due to the carbonation and the flavor, regardless of whether they are diet in nature, they still contain the carbonation which can cause a great amount of demineralization of enamel.  Cola has a very low ph score which means it is more harmful to your teeth than root beer,  or beer.

Our healthy snacks sometimes can be misleading as to the acidity contained:  seedless raisins have more acidity than bananas or carrot sticks.  Bread and natural cheese have less acidity than most yogurts.  Milk and water are less acidic than most drinks and might need to be considered in moderation!

So, the next time you grab for a snack, think about the acidity of the food or drink.  Swishing with water after eating or drinking and before brushing can reduce the effect the acids can have on your teeth.  Dr. Summer Lerch can provide you with more information if you would like to visit our office at 2 Church Street South, New Haven!

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