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Porcelain Veneers - Smile – 13

Ingrid – Durham, CT

Smile Design: Invisalign Treatment, One Porcelain Bridge, One Porcelain Veneer, with Take Home Whitening

Ingrid: “Working with the girls at the Center for Esthetic Dentistry, LLC has been such a joy. Dr. Lerch has helped me achieve a better smile than I ever imagined. I have gone from hiding my teeth, to proudly showing them off whenever I have a chance. I can’t wait to get married this fall and show off my new smile!”

Dr. Lerch: “Ingrid presented to us with an uneven smile, missing a front tooth will do that. Plus her personality was held back; she was not widely smiling, nor was she fully expressing her love of life! I know we had to get her teeth in the right position thru Invisalign therapy. From there it was a simple matter of whitening and making her replacement right front lateral tooth (porcelain Encore bridge) match her left front lateral tooth (porcelain veneer).” We all came to love Ingrid. We relish the fact that her joy for living is written all over her face now!

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