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After 2

Cosmetic Bonding - Smile – 1

Renee – New Haven, CT

Smile Design: Free-Hand Cosmetic Bonding, No Whitening

Dr. Lerch: “Renee came to us with a severe overbite complicated by crooked, crowded teeth. She had never been happy with her smile. After several second opinions she chose us to perform her smile makeover. Her first treatment plan included braces which she did not want. Her second plan, the one we settled on, was to whiten and place eight upper porcelain veneers. Her lower arch was treated with selected white bonded fillings and we talked about a gum lift to lower the front gum. This would be Phase II. As you can see from her photos, she experienced an amazing transformation. We are very proud of RH and of her new smile. She will enjoy it for the rest of her life.”

Smile – 1
Smile – 2

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