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Keep Those Buggers Out of Your Heart

Your Heart Health is Related to Your Dental Health

del1Many of the risk factors involving in poor gum health, including gum disease, are the same as those for heart disease, such as tobacco use, poor nutrition and diabetes. Overall, people who have chronic gum disease are at higher risk for a heart attack, according to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). Gum disease (called gingivitis in its early stages and periodontal disease in the late stages) is caused by plaque buildup along and below the gum line; that is plaque that is not removed in your daily oral cleansing routine. According to an article on https://www.authoritydental.org/, some researchers have suggested that gum disease may contribute to heart disease because bacteria from infected gums can dislodge, enter the bloodstream, attach to blood vessels and increase clot formation. It has also been suggested that inflammation caused by gum disease may also trigger clot formation. Clots decrease blood flow to the heart, thereby causing an elevation in blood pressure and increasing the risk of a heart attack.
There some things to remember when it comes to your dental care:

  • Stop brushing your teeth. Instead massage your gums.
  • Throw away your toothbrush. Buy a super soft or ultra soft toothbrush. Use warm water to soften the bristles. Place the brush angled 45 degrees into the gum pocket. Gently vibrate and massage the gum in this area. Do that for each tooth. Take 2-3 minutes to get this done. Then floss. Yes it will take you longer. You only need to do this once a day. Find the time. Remember it is your heart health you are taking care of every day you do this.
  • Provide us with a complete list of the names and dosages of all the drugs you are taking for your heart condition (as well as any other prescription or nonprescription drugs that you may be taking). Knowing this will help us make necessary changes to make your at-home and in-office dental care more effective.
  • Give us the name and phone number of your doctor(s) in case we need to speak to him or her about your care.
  • If you are particularly nervous about undergoing any kind of dental care because of a heart condition, talk with us and/or talk to your heart doctor. Together we can provide you with information and strategies for controlling dental pain and easing your fears.

del2Your health is our highest priority, so please take the steps that will keep your heart (and your teeth) in the best shape possible.

We’re here for you. If you have any questions about how your heart condition could possibly affect your dental care, please call our office at 203-624-5256. You can also contact specialists in Coast2Coast First Aid/CPR Toronto.

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