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Invisalign….Is it right for you?

Ingrid B. before Invisalign treatment, hardly smiling.

Ingrid B after Invisalign Treatment – Beautiful, healthy, smile ~ fact is won’t stop!

As we get older, our teeth tend to shift and often become crowded. This aging process can make your already crowded teeth more crowded or begin the crowding problem for you.  Either way, it is a common problem for many adults. Not only does this movement affect your smile, it also becomes more difficult to keep your teeth clean and healthy.   When you combine this with normal aging decreased manual dexterity you set yourself up for dental problems to begin all over again. 

Straight teeth are not for just kids anymore!

 Invisalign treatment is a breakthrough technique that straightens your teeth without braces. Instead, a series of clear, comfortable, custom-molded aligners are used to gradually reposition your teeth. At the Center for Esthetic Dentistry, LLC, treatment time is often less than a year; yet since everyone’s needs are different you might fall in this range or you might go slightly beyond.

The aligners are removable so you can still eat, drink, brush and floss easily. The monetary cost of Invisalign treatment is comparable to that of traditional braces (and there is in-office financing available through Care Credit). Even better, Invisalign does not require your appearance and confidence to pay the price.  Invisalign is virtually invisible so hardly anyone will know you are giving yourself the gift of straight, healthy teeth.

That is GREAT news!

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