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Gummy Smile

You look into the mirror and see a familiar look greeting you back.  A smile that is all gums, and appears to be no teeth.  You might be staring at a classic ‘gummy smile,’ and you might be thinking that there is nothing that you can do about changing your gummy smile.  However, with Nancy Summer Lerch, DDS, FAGD, AAACD in your Greenwich Connecticut neighborhood, you could have your gummy smile disappear.  Dr. Lerch uses the latest laser technology to contour your gums giving you the smile that you have always wanted.  This is a very easy procedure, one that can be preformed in under one half hour and one that has yielded great results in our Connecticut office.

Laser Gum Recontouring

Laser gum recontouring allows for Dr. Lerch to trim away excess gum tissue  through a quick and relatively painless process.  By trimming away the excess gum tissue, more tooth is revealed which yields a fuller smile with less gum showing.  This gum reshaping or tissue sculpting can even out misshaped gum lines, gum infections, mouth sores or small unsightly gum discolorations.  The laser technology also reduces bleeding and swelling during and after treatment which translates to less time recovering post-surgery, and more time enjoying your days.

Common Gum Issues

There are multiple cases where gummy surgery might be the right option.  Some of these circumstances include:

  • Overgrown Gums-gums ‘recede’ as part of the normal growing process as the bigger teeth come in.  In-turn, if the gums keep growing, they make the teeth look “too short” for the existing structure of the mouth and your smile. Check out this site to learn more on how to improve gum health.
  • Mouth Breathing-when a patient breathes through the mouth and not through the nose during the night, a condition called mouth breathing can arise.  This condition dries the gum tissues and reduces the resistance to disease, while also changing the gums look and appearance.
  • Medication-Induced-some medications, such as Dilantin and Cyclosporine, can carry the side effect of unwanted gum growth.  This growth can occur in cases where patients practice good oral hygiene habits, or not.
  • Severely Worn Teeth-sometimes, when teeth are worn down too much, all that appears to be left is gums.  The teeth appear to be non-existent from too much wear and tear. More advanced surgery can help transform these smiles, so that structure can be built and caps can be added for a less gummy smile.
  • High Lip Line-a natural smile can sometimes show all gums, with the help of a high lip line.  Surgery can be performed to chance the smile so that the lip falls lower, and less gum is seen.

The Gummy Smiles Procedure

Depending on your specific needs, Nancy Summer Lerch, DDS, FAGD, AAACD will take the time to diagnosis and set a treatment plan for your high lip line (gummy smile) surgery.  A variety of techniques may be used so that your smile best suits you when all is finished.  Very often, Dr. Lerch sees the need to correct uneven gum lines, or to gain more room for a longer, more beautiful tooth in a smile design.  So your smile might need just a gum lift alone (laser surgery.)  Or it could be combined with teeth whitening at a later date, or porcelain veneers/crowns, even cosmetic dental bonding.  The optimum plan will be presented to you first, with all pro’s and con’s explained.  Questions about financing, other treatment options, and recovery time will be addressed also to you have all the information you need.

The iPlus dental laser from Biolase will be utilized.  This state of the art machine that Dr. Lerch uses requiring little to no local anesthesia.  It often only take a few minutes.  And if needed, bone recontouring can be done as this laser is one of only a few that allows for soft and hard tissue changes.  You can bet  Dr. Summer Lerch has the skills and the technology to transform your smile for the better.

For more information about Nancy Summer Lerch, DDS, FAGD, AAACD, the Center for Esthetic Dentistry, LLC, and / or Laser Gum Recontouring, please contact our Connecticut office. There you can find the right time to consult with Dr. Lerch so you can get all your questions answered to determine if a Laser Gum Recontouring might be right for you.

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