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An interview with Dr. Nancy Summer Lerch on Digital Smile Design

What is it?Dr. N. Summer Lerch

Digital Smile Design, or DSD for short, is the merging of computer aided smile designing with traditional cosmetic dentistry.  This allows me, on the computer, to design our patient’s smile taking into account their facial features, lip movement, smile dynamics, tooth size / gum heights and morphology of the teeth.  This gives our office, our patient and our dental laboratory a reproducible blue print of exactly what we want for their perfect smile.

I am so excited about this technology because it is reproducible.  I take so much care in the development and execution of a beautiful smile. I want to fulfill our patient’s vision of the smile they have always wanted.  DSD technology adds the missing component.  It is the link that allows us to fully communicate that vision with our patients and fully communicate that very same design / smile image with our dental laboratory. This direct communication allows me to know that I will be fulling on our patient’s dreams.

DSD makes me a better dentist. 

Who uses it?

DSD Doctors are dentists who take advantage of, and are trained in, state-of-the-art dental technology.  To do this requires a significant invest of time and resources.  As with many things in our society, this merging of digital technology into our everyday lives is the future.

Who is a candidate for a DSD Smile?

Everyone seeking a beautiful smile is a candidate for DSD smile design.   DSD allows facially-driven smile design concepts to now play a part in every smile we create.   Furthermore, the combination of our artful approach with the DSD computer tools often times results in a less invasive, thus healthier approach, in achieving our patient’s vision.

Why Center for Esthetic Dentistry, LLC?

In our commitment to beautiful smiles, we have the advantage of years and years of board-accredited cosmetic dentistry results with very happy and satisfied patients.  We engineer smiles.  We deliver on that engineering with cutting-edge dental procedures.  Digital Smile Design is the absolute synergy of our artistic talent, bio-engineered dental concepts and computer aided smile design.

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